Are you looking to sell a house with Japanese knotweed?

Selling a house can be stressful enough without the added difficulty of dealing with Japanese knotweed. Many factors can affect the value of your house, and it’s sellability, with relentless weeds being one of them. 

You may struggle to sell your property if Japanese knotweed is found within the grounds of your home. This is our guide on how to deal with this plant if you happen to stumble across it in your garden.


Japanese knotweed, growing at up to 20 cm a day, is a prolific weed that can severely damage the value of your home. Sturdy and stoic in nature, this weed can grow to significant heights and often appears in late summer months. Its resiliency means that it can become a big nuisance and it’s rather difficult to get rid of completely. With stems similar to bamboo, it can grow at an extremely fast rate as it has creeping underground roots.

Whilst it’s flowers are quite recognisable, with crimson pink buds and heart-shaped leaves, Japanese knotweed can be confused with other plants, therefore it’s important to report any possible sightings to your local council. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Whilst not dangerous towards humans, Japanese knotweed can be extremely dangerous for your home. It can weave its way into your property’s infrastructure, weakening the foundations and even possibly burrowing into the walls. Finding this plant on your property can make selling your house extremely difficult. 

Its strength and sturdiness make it a tricky plant to kill, and is definitely something you do not want to find in your garden. In fact, mortgage lenders won’t offer their services to properties dealing with this issue, unless there is already a solution in place. Not only can this plant drastically affect the infrastructure of your home, but it can also prevent other people from buying your house.

If your property has Japanese knotweed it can reduce the value from between 5% and 15%, with this statistic increasing in more severe cases. 


If you are attempting to sell your house and you stumble across Japanese knotweed in your garden, it’s important to contact your local council as soon as possible and report it. You should then contact Japanese knotweed specialists to help you deal with the issue. Trying to deal with Japanese knotweed on your own may take more time than you initially thought, therefore speaking with professionals can move the process along a lot quicker. There are different methods to deal with the excavation of Japanese knotweed, such as physical removal or the use of chemicals as treatment. 

Even a small amount of this plant can have devastating effects, as more often than not the majority of the plant will be underground. Do not leave this weed to grow, deal with it as soon as you see it.

Selling a house with Japanese knotweed can come with many trials and tribulations, so don’t deal with it on your own. Prevent damage to your property and garden by contacting the appropriate people to stop the weed in its tracks. 

For more information on this issue, contact your local council. 

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