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Are you looking to sell a house with Japanese knotweed?

Selling a house can be stressful enough without the added difficulty of dealing with Japanese knotweed. Many factors can affect the value of your house, and it’s sellability, with relentless weeds being one of them. 

You may struggle to sell your property if Japanese knotweed is found within the grounds of your home. This is our guide on how to deal with this plant if you happen to stumble across it in your garden.


Japanese knotweed, growing at up to 20 cm a day, is a prolific weed that can severely damage the value of your home. Sturdy and stoic in nature, this weed can grow to significant heights and often appears in late summer months. Its resiliency means that it can become a big nuisance and it’s rather difficult to get rid of completely. With stems similar to bamboo, it can grow at an extremely fast rate as it has creeping underground roots.

Whilst it’s flowers are quite recognisable, with crimson pink buds and heart-shaped leaves, Japanese knotweed can be confused with other plants, therefore it’s important to report any possible sightings to your local council. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Whilst not dangerous towards humans, Japanese knotweed can be extremely dangerous for your home. It can weave its way into your property’s infrastructure, weakening the foundations and even possibly burrowing into the walls. Finding this plant on your property can make selling your house extremely difficult. 

Its strength and sturdiness make it a tricky plant to kill, and is definitely something you do not want to find in your garden. In fact, mortgage lenders won’t offer their services to properties dealing with this issue, unless there is already a solution in place. Not only can this plant drastically affect the infrastructure of your home, but it can also prevent other people from buying your house.

If your property has Japanese knotweed it can reduce the value from between 5% and 15%, with this statistic increasing in more severe cases. 


If you are attempting to sell your house and you stumble across Japanese knotweed in your garden, it’s important to contact your local council as soon as possible and report it. You should then contact Japanese knotweed specialists to help you deal with the issue. Trying to deal with Japanese knotweed on your own may take more time than you initially thought, therefore speaking with professionals can move the process along a lot quicker. There are different methods to deal with the excavation of Japanese knotweed, such as physical removal or the use of chemicals as treatment. 

Even a small amount of this plant can have devastating effects, as more often than not the majority of the plant will be underground. Do not leave this weed to grow, deal with it as soon as you see it.

Selling a house with Japanese knotweed can come with many trials and tribulations, so don’t deal with it on your own. Prevent damage to your property and garden by contacting the appropriate people to stop the weed in its tracks. 

For more information on this issue, contact your local council. 

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What Is A House Buying Company? – How We Operate

Selling your home can be an elongated process, with tedious factors taking accord at numerous stages. For a hasty and simplified process, contact our team at UK Home Buyers today.

Operations During The Pandemic

With the rapid expansion of the internet and online technology, the way we learn, communicate and shop has been revolutionised. This paradigm shift has allowed companies to adopt new, dynamic business models that allow them to function purely online, without the need for a physical location. 

This change has had a major effect on the property industry, where we can now search for potential homes via a website or property app, all from the comfort of our own living room. As well as giving homeowners more choice and freedom in terms of choosing their next move, it also means that house sales no longer have to start at an estate agents’ office!

This has led to a new way of selling your house fast, via a house buying company. They are able to purchase your property directly without the need for you to use an estate agent to find you a buyer on the open market. One benefit to this is that it saves you time, and you don’t get caught up into a complex property chain that slows down your sale.

How House Buyers Are Seeing Success

Firstly, it is advancements in technology that has supported the rise in companies that can buy your house. They are able to exist purely online and using a combination of historical and recent property data, they can efficiently and effectively provide a seller with a quick offer for their home, normally within 24 hours and can even complete a purchase within 7 days. This has resulted in a more streamlined house selling process and for many, a less stressful experience.

This new method of selling is possible because most house buying companies are proceedable buyers, meaning they are not stuck in a property chain and as independent organisations, they already have the necessary funds in place for an immediate sale.

Therefore, this addition to the property-selling market gives homeowners more choice in how they can go about selling their home. As well as going down the traditional route and wait for a buyer, they can also go out and seek their own buyer by contacting a house buying company online

This is particularly useful for those in urgent need of a quick house sale. Whether they’re under the threat of repossession, their property chain is broken or their house sale has fallen through, companies like UK Home Buyers can help. There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all way to sell your home, but the increase in options is definitely a good thing.

What Happens During A House Sale Fall Through & How To Handle It

How Often Does A Sale Fall Through?

Moving house is stressful enough, even without a last-minute setback. So, when your house sale falls through unexpectedly or the property chain breaks, this can leave you unsure of your rights or what your next steps are. 

There can be many reasons for a breakdown in the property chain, from mortgage problems to conveyancing delays, so, why do house sales fall through so frequently and what options do you have if you find yourself in this situation? Read our guide to help you make an informed decision.

One in four house sales fell through in 2019, leaving thousands of potential sellers frustrated and unsure how to proceed. This situation can be an unpleasant experience too, you may have finally found your dream house to buy or maybe you need to relocate for a new job, so a sale slipping through your grasp can be particularly stressful. 

After such a setback it can be difficult to find the motivation to get back in the buying and selling process, which is unsurprising considering that selling a property is one of life’s most stressful experiences.

Why Do House Sales Fall Through?

One of the biggest reasons for a house sale falling through is issues with properties within your chain, for example, someone no longer wanting or being able to carry out a purchase, which then causes knock-on effects that can directly damage the progress of your sale. 

This is frustrating as situations out of your control can impact your sale and can leave you feeling helpless. Other common situations that can result in a collapse of a house sale include:

  • Property survey issues: An issue raised in the property survey has resulted in the buyer of one of the properties in the chain to retract their offer
  • Mortgage: Your buyer may not be able to meet the lending criteria for a mortgage in order to purchase your house
  • Change in circumstance: A buyer pulling out of house sale, due to personal reasons such as illness, loss of a job or a divorce
  • Gazundering: There’s also the danger of gazundering (a buyer offering less money for your property than previously expected at the last minute)
  • Conveyancing delays: Buyers may become frustrated with delays with documents or slow responses from conveyancers.
  • Change of mind: A buyer may simply decide to change their mind for any reason
  • Market conditions: National issues such as Covid-19 can cause the housing market to slow down and some buyers may consider postponing until the market picks up again.

For further information and a quick solution to property selling, contact UK Home Buyers.

Selling A House Through Probate – What To Do After Bereavement

What Is Probate House Selling And When Is It Possible?

When someone dies without a will, the sale of their property can then be sold in probate. Probate is a legal process where the court gives someone the legal right to manage the estate of the deceased.

Probate is usually required before a house can be sold if the deceased was the sole owner of the property. A sale cannot be completed without a Grant of Probate being issued by the Probate Registry and being provided to a solicitor. However, you are still able to put the property on the market and accept offers before probate is granted.

Depending on how complicated the estate is, this can impact the time frame of which you should expect to receive a grant of probate, which can be anything between 3-6 months. It’s vital to begin the process of obtaining probate in the early stages of planning to sell the property to minimise the overall timescale.

How Long Does It Take?

Once the seller has received their Grant of Probate, the process of selling a house through probate can take months, or even years for complex probate house sales if you’re selling on the open market. However, by instructing a trusted fast property buying company such as UK Home Buyers, we could buy your home in as little as 7 days.

As we use our own funds, we are readily available to buy properties much faster than if you were to sell on the open market, allowing you and your family to focus on grieving while we deal with the sales process, as well as support with covering all legal fees. 

Selling a house is stressful enough, so adding the death of a loved one makes it an even more difficult process. We are committed to adapting to your situation and can be flexible with timeframes. All our sales are secure and private so you can rest assured knowing that you are in control of your sale.

Selling In Probate

Losing a loved one is hard, whether it’s a partner, friend or relative – and that’s before the complex bureaucratic and financial issues. Following a bereavement and amidst organising a funeral and sorting the will, a quick bereavement house sale might make this difficult time more bearable.

Selling a house after the death of a parent, or inheriting a property from a loved one requires an experienced and professional team who understand the sensitivities of the probate sale process.

For further information on this subject, as well as a quicker and more efficient way of selling your house, contact our team at UK Home Buyers.

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